Fee Donations

We believe it is reasonable for families with higher incomes (who may be able to afford to contribute more) to consider making additional monthly donations to meet the financial needs of the school; a number of families make donations of between £30 and £120 per child per month. This is an entirely voluntary payment eligible for Gift Aid. We do recognise that every family’s situation is different (such as where income is made up solely or mainly from one parent and is somewhat less tax efficient; or where you are self-employed and your income varies). Please contact the Bursar at any time to discuss this further.

Donating to the work of CFS

If you would like to make donation towards the work of CFS please click here.

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What parents say

“Leaders set high expectations for teaching and holds teachers fully accountable for their students’ progress. Teachers, in turn, are thoughtful and reflective about their teaching and are confident in the support they are given to help them improve.”

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