Our families


Our school primarily serves Christian families, and we are always open to welcoming new members to our community.


Our families are:

  • Supportive
  • Encouraging
  • Collaborative, and
  • Led by a shared Christian faith


Engaging with CFS 

We have a three-stage process to help families explore what it might look like to join our school community. The Vision Tour unpacks some of our history, our vision and our mission in terms of our distinctive approach to providing both education and Christian community. We also ensure that parents meet with governors and, where appropriate, pupils spend time in the classroom so that both the family and school have a good idea of what joining CFS might look like for that child.


Records and assessments

To assist in the smooth running of the admissions procedure, school reports and any other educational assessments will be requested. We may also ask for verbal reports from previous schools. A baseline assessment is usually obtained during the first term after joining the school, from which progress can be measured. Occasionally this may highlight a learning need, which will be discussed fully with the family.


Special Needs Provision (SEND) 

It is important that any history of additional needs is discussed fully during the admissions procedure. As a mainstream school, our inclusion policy aims to address most additional learning needs within the classroom setting. However, as a small school, we cannot always cater for every need. Therefore, any provision required beyond what is possible for one class teacher to achieve within a mixed ability class, will need to be discussed with parents before a place can be confirmed. This may incur additional costs. 

Academic requirements

We have mixed ability classes, and our aim is to maintain a fairly even spread of ability in each class. This enables us to keep the school as balanced and as inclusive as possible.

What parents say

“Pupils exhibit excellent attitudes to learning. They are eager to fully immerse themselves in their studies during teaching activities and demonstrate great respect for their teachers and others in lessons.”

- Parent

Our Schools

The best way to understand our admissions process is to come and see us.

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