Parents & Friends Collaborative (PFC)

We are a Christian Collaboration for Learning


Thank you for your interest in the work we do at Christian Fellowship School. Our next PFC meeting will be on 10 October 2018.


CFS is a community exploring what Christ‐centred education means in the context of 21st Century British values and cuture. A child’s parents and guardians are the most important teachers in a child’s life, but share that responsibility with others; both intentionally and unintentionally.


Whether you are a Parent, Friend, Alumni or other supporter; we are always very grateful of your support.

Children are widely influenced as they learn and grow: in skills, relationships, faith and knowledge. CFS supports families that want that growth to be in an environment that shares clear and consistent values with both their home and their church community. To achieve this, we are a collaboration of parents, friends and churches, including qualified teachers, providing through‐school education for 4‐16 year olds. We meet together for PFC meetings at least once a term, in order to share progress and consult with parents.


Features of CFS make it different from many other primary and secondary schools. These features go beyond ethos; they are principles that are worked through in every aspect of school life and curriculum.

Our Collaborative Approach


- Involvement of every family, offering resource and skills as they are able, is a central feature of the school community.

- Our families share their God‐given responsibility for their children with those who teach on their behalf in the school.

- Our school community aims to reinforce the values of a child’s family and align with their experience of church communities.

- Other Christian communities are invited to participate in the collaborative, providing affirmation and role models for our young people.

- We support parents in teaching their children God’s ways; in collaboration with their wider Christian communities.

- We seek, with church communities, to identify and encourage our young people’s specific call and gifting.

- Together we seek to provide a consistent culture between school, home and church, modelling Godly relationships for young people.

- We support each of our young people in growing to maturity in the context of an active and diverse Christian faith community; valuing difference and promoting respect.


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