Uniform and Equipment Lists

Winter uniform for Lockdown

In addition to normal uniform the following enhancements are suggested in very cold weather and during winter Lockdown:Partial-reopening.

  • Coats
  • Base layers including PE leggings under boys trousers
  • Tights for girls and extra socks 
  • Black ankle boots (optional) 
  • Scarves and coats are permitted inside when very cold but not hats and gloves.

Dress Code - How to wear your uniform

All items of uniform worn must be presentable and in good order.


Clothing for Trips: School uniform is normally worn on most occasions except for field trips when home clothes are worn. Clothes should be functional and modest. T-shirts or other items should not display words and images which are not compatible with the ethos of the school.


Uniform after 4.00pm: Pupils should leave school in full school uniform, unless authorised by a member of staff. When travelling to and from school pupils should honour the dress code, e.g. ties worn and long hair tied up). When in uniform, pupils are making a public statement about their identification with the community and ethos of the school.


Hair: Dyed hair is not allowed.  Please keep hairstyles simple. Girls with long hair must have it tied up with accessories that are in school colours (grey, maroon, black, navy or white; but please ensure that they are not too conspicuous). Boys hair should not be shaved, partially shaved or cut very short (no shorter than No2) or be too long (not below the ears or over the collar).


Jewellery: Discreet sleepers or studs in the ear lobe are permitted for Upper School girls. No rings, necklaces or wristbands are to be worn.


Make-up: Upper School Girls are permitted to wear discreet minimal makeup provided they retain a natural look.

Permitted – Matt foundation or tinted moisturiser with some setting powder if necessary. Concealer to hide blemishes. Subtle blusher. Small amount of mascara. Light eyebrow pencil. Subtle natural colour lip gloss. Clear nail varnish.

NOT Permitted – Thick mousse foundations or contour makeup. Bronzer, thick eye lashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, heavy eyebrow pencil, lipstick, coloured/patterned nail polish.


Skirts: Girls’ skirts should be on the knee (not rolled up at waist).


Shirts and ties: Boys shirts are to be buttoned up to the neck and must be tucked in.

Ties should be worn up to the top button, tied correctly and worn at a suitable length.


In cold weather: A school jumper is to be worn indoors; not a type of jacket or sweatshirt.  “Hoodies” are not acceptable as alternatives to jackets/coats.


Coats & Jackets: Designated colours are navy, grey, black or maroon, with no large words or logos - to be worn over school jumpers – not instead of.


Outdoor break time activities: Football/Basketball - trainers (not white PE trainers).


Money: Having money in school is discouraged. However, if necessary, it should be carried on the person at all times, in a way that is not conspicuous and in a secure manner (e.g. purse or sealed envelope).


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