Reduced fees when you join

For new families joining us, we want to make the transition to paying fees easier. To support this the School has a "Reduced Fees" policy for one child in the first year that the family joins the school, as long as they join in Lower School.


In 2019/20, this policy means that the fees for one child of the family, joining in Lower School, will be FREE for their first year.


In the academic year 2020/21, our policy is changing and will mean that the fees for one child, of the family joining in Lower School, will be 50% for their first year.


The capacity of the school to provide bursaries is limited and therefore not all applications can be granted. A copy of the policy is available upon request.

Reduced fees for those on low incomes

The school operates a bursary scheme for families who really want their children to attend the school but who would be unable to afford the full Fees. Families in this position should discuss this with the school when they apply for a place. Consideration by the school’s bursary committee will be subject to completion of application form providing details and evidence of the family’s financial circumstances.

Short-term change of circumstances

Families of children already at the school may also apply for a hardship bursary if they suffer a significant adverse change in their financial position which leaves them struggling to afford the Fees. They should discuss their circumstances with the school bursar in the first instance to see if a bursary is the appropriate way forward.


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