What is SMSC?

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including citizenship and personal development, is a strong feature of CFS. It is taught throughout the curriculum and is informed by the ethos, vision, values and mission of our school. At CFS we put a strong emphasis on the development of character to fulfil our Biblical mandate to become effective global citizens, serving our community, the city and beyond, developing young people who are engaged and active citizens in modern Britain. We pursue the aim of becoming increasingly Christ-centred in all aspects of teaching and learning and community life.

What does SMSC look like at our school?


Spiritual : “We are a worshipping community with a love of learning.”

Pupils develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence, use imagination and creativity and reflect through:


Some examples of opportunities for Spiritual development in our school.

  • Reflection space for staff and parents at weekly payer meetings.
  • Weekly worship period allows time for reflection, imagination, creativity and response.
  • Children talk about topical events allowing children to voice their feelings, questions and reflect on these things.
  • Graduation’ and prize giving celebrations, seasonal parties, world book day & ongoing house point attainments, music and drama productions.
  • Starting own business/ enterprise in Upper School.
  • Worship day.
  • Min y don residential.
  • SMSC assemblies.
  • Pupils reflect on and respond to the nature and character of God in worship times.
  • Christmas Music Performance and nativity.
  • Oliver Production.
  • Able, Gifted and Talented register.
  • Leavers Celebration evening.
  • Pupils create and perform their own musicals, spirituals, and percussion pieces, poems, drama pieces, art etc.
  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme Years 9-11.
  • Art Project at Maritime Museum.
  • Memory projects with the elderly.
  • Book Bus Visit.

Moral Development : “We make good choices.”
Pupils recognise right and wrong, understand consequences, investigate moral and ethical issues, offer reasoned views and respect the civil and criminal law of England through:


Some examples of opportunities for Moral development in our school.

  • Exploring FBV through historical contexts eg magna carta, the reformation, origins of British government etc.
  • School code is based on the biblical mandate to love God and love one another.
  • Police liaison officer delivers assemblies one safety, making good choices and the laws around safety.
  • Created class website looking at food including information on foodbanks and ethics.
  • Debate activities in English classes and communications & debate club Reverse advent boxes to collect food for foodbanks.
  • Visiting a food bank.
  • Remembrance day activities.
  • International Justice Mission.
  • Wesleyan finance principles giving to the poor & micro finance.
  • School Councils.
  • Send a friend to school campaign.
  • Mock Brexit and US Presidential debate and elections.
  • Visit to Houses of Parliament & Liverpool Law courts.
  • Activities and work around anti bullying in anti bullying week.
  • Class and playground rules created by pupils.


Social Development: “We are equipped to serve others.”
Pupils use social skills, work well with others, resolve conflicts and understand how they can contribute positively to those in the school, community and to society more widely through:


Some examples of opportunities for Social development in our school.

  • Upper School mentoring.
  • Worship day.
  • Asylum Link.
  • Pupils run lunchtime clubs for younger children.
  • Operation Christmas Child.
  • PFC/ parent volunteers at community events.
  • Pupils volunteer, cooperate well with others and are able to resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Prefect duties, football monitoring, buddy systems, helping at PFCs and cakes sales, fundraising, class duties etc.
  • Clubs including chess, table tennis, choir, music band, bible club, sign language.
  • Trips to Styal Mill and Underwater Street.
  • Citizenship Award.
  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme Years 9-11.
  • Design and decoration of Upper School common room.
  • Visiting and befriending elderly in care home & memory project.
  • Visit by Year 5/6 to Kingswood care home to sing Oliver and Christmas songs, chat with residents and give presents to the residents.
  • Pupils feel able to express themselves through Communications classes, debate clubs, pupil focus groups, school council, circle time.
  • Pupils take part in games & activities involving competition, discipline and fair play; swimming gala, sports day and house point system.
  • Residential and school trips; Min Y Don, Duke of Edinburgh award, visit to Parliament, Water sports, US camping trip, Romania trip, Netherlands Exchange.


Cultural Development: “We celebrate cultural diversity and love our neighbours”.
Pupils show understanding and love for those from different cultural traditions by appreciating and respecting their own and other cultures through:


Some examples of opportunities for Cultural development in our school.

  • World Book Day and Operation Christmas child.
  • Min-y-Don, school trips water sports, camping trip.
  • Visits to lunchtime concerts, Liverpool and London art galleries, Shakespeare plays.
  • Prevent Agenda.
  • BBC news reports.
  • Asylum link visiting speakers.
  • Links with people from other faiths and cultures eg visit to Alghazali Centre, LCS home etc. providing authentic and real representations of cultures.
  • Music and drama productions Twelfth Night, Oliver, Christmas concerts etc.
  • Major political issues eg. National elections, EU referendum, US presidential elections.
  • Japanese and Yazidi pen pals.
  • International Justice Mission assembly and lessons.
  • Swimming Galas.
  • Exploring and understanding our place within the Christian cultural heritage.
  • Worldview studies including exploring different cultures and beliefs and the impact on life in modern Britain.
  • Gandhi unit of work including exploring democracy, protest and terrorism.
  • Collapsed culture day.
  • Cross Country Running after school club.
  • Peter Waterfield Performing Arts Award.
  • Worship Day.
  • Pupils study major world religions.
  • Year 6 & 7 art project Maritime Museum.
  • Madagascar focus.
  • Football kits for Africa.
  • Romania Trip and Netherlands exchange.
  • UK political system including rule of law, parliament, role of MP and local politics.
  • School allotment raising money for causes around the world.
  • Pupils study music and art from around the world and the UK.


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