Equality, Diversity and SEND



As we honour God’s wisdom revealed in the bible, we enjoy and celebrate a rich diversity of ethnicity, age, personality and family life within the school community. These are based on the foundational principles of mutual love and care for all, honouring others, using words to build others up, acting in the interest of others, and fostering good relations amongst all. We do these in the context of our curriculum and our relationships. Our objectives are to tackle prejudice and promote understanding for all, including toward those who may be marginalized in wider society, to know that they are valued and confident in the love of God, and their relationships and therefore more likely to achieve their potential. Our curriculum seeks to promote British values in many varied ways throughout Lower Middle and Upper schools preparing our pupils to reflect the love of Christ in modern society.


For further information please refer to our Equality Policy.


We are a school with a comprehensive intake of children some of whom have an identified learning, educational need (SEND), or disability. We seek to be widely accessible families and have a dedicated department to ensure that such needs are managed and met appropriately (ALPS). This is headed up by the SENDCo. During our admissions process we make every reasonable effort to ascertain whether a child has any additional needs which need specific attention. We then make a decision regarding offering a place based on the configuration of the year group, work with prospective parents to ensure that they are aware of the limitations we have as a school which charges low fees and has no external funding.


For further information please refer to our SEND Policy.


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