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About Us

About Us

The story of Christian Fellowship School is an ongoing adventure of discovery, growth and dedication. The school was started by a pioneering group of parents and teachers who had a passion to provide Christian families with a vision for education, where Christ-centred living is at the heart of everything. The school represents a continuing evolution of the principles and concepts that CFS was founded upon.


All schools have some basis for their interpretation of life and education — at CFS you will find us refreshingly open about the faith basis from which we work. We are a learning community, where pupils, teaching staff and parents walk hand-in-hand with God, supporting each other to enable every member of the community to thrive. Our school includes families from a diverse range of churches and cultures but identifies closely with the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith.

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CFS is led by a dedicated team of educators, sharing our collective vision to nurture, equip and disciple our children to their full potential.

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