'I love that CFS not only works to educate our children to a high standard, they also encourage and develop our children’s characters. The teachers see each child as an individual, seeing the gold within them.' Beth, Parent


The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced. It exceeds the minimum requirements in the independent school standards. The curriculum provides pupils with a rich learning experience. Ofsted 2019


'We have three kids in CFS. They love it and we love it. CFS has such a fabulous sense of community. I especially love how the different year groups interact and how they are given increasing responsibility as they grow through the school.' Elli, Parent


Pupils are confident in discussing diversity and the rights of people, including those who have protected characteristics. This is because they have been taught well and developed an appropriate maturity to such matters, that reflects the school’s faith-based ethos. Ofsted 2019


'We have loved being part of CFS and seeing our 3 children not only thrive academically and in creativity, but also emotionally and socially. The positive approach to continual development of the school (sometimes against the odds!) as a wider community of staff, parents and supporters is exciting.' Will, Parent & Governor


Pupils exhibit excellent attitudes to learning. They are eager to fully immerse themselves in their studies during teaching activities and demonstrate great respect for their teachers and others in lessons. Ofsted 2019


'CFS celebrates the diversity of potential of each of their pupils and genuinely cares for them.' Jane, Parent


Pupils’ conduct around the school is exemplary. Pupils are exceptionally polite and courteous to staff, other adults and each other. They take time to greet and welcome visitors to the school and are eager to share their learning. Ofsted 2019


'A safe, loving family atmosphere. All 5 of my sons went all the way through the school and were nurtured yet prepared for the world of work.' Clare, Parent


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