British Values


What are British Values?

British values are embedded in the work of the school and they are defined as:

Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of people with different faiths and beliefs.


At CFS we emphasise developing Christian character and values. These include respect, compassion, faith, truthfulness, love for one another, equality, being considerate towards others, helping the needy, unselfishness, taking personal responsibility for one’s actions, carrying out a task to the best of one’s abilities, learning to accept the consequences following wrong actions and conscientiousness and valuing Biblical truth. We believe that through promoting the development of these values and characteristics characteristics we are able to effectively promote British values in the following ways:


Democracy is promoted throughout the curriculum especially in subjects such as English and humanities. An elected school council and year reps, pupil voice focus groups and making decisions together, learning to formulate balanced arguments, debates, discussions in circle time, PSME and assemblies. More recently we have also conducted mock elections e.g. U.K. General election, the EU referendum and the US presidential elections. We aim to develop enquiring minds in an environment where questions are valued.

Rule of Law

Rule of Law is understanding that rules matter and is promoted through opportunities for pupils to understand the difference between right and wrong and restoring relationships through assemblies and PSME, school rules and behaviour code are created in collaboration with pupils eg Playground rules, E safety rules. The curriculum makes room to explore the UK justice system and the role of restorative justice, visits to Law courts, the origins of British law and parliamentary system and monarchy, visit to Parliament and the MP as well as lobbying, visits to school by the local councillor and the police helps to reinforce the importance of the rule of law. Through our behaviour policy, code of conduct and Anti-bullying week, we promote high expectations of conduct throughout the school community.

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty is freedom for all and is promoted through encouraging pupils to express their views honestly and openly, choosing to participate in various lunchtime clubs and extracurricular activities such as US play, athletics, and making choices for Flexi Ed programme give pupils opportunities to make choices and understand the impact and consequences of their choices and the impacts of their contribution.

Mutual respect and tolerance

Mutual respect and tolerance is learning to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We promote this through learning about different cultures and beliefs throughout the life of the school, work on anti-bullying themes, respectful and supportive relationships with peers, younger and older pupils, staff, volunteers, parents and wider members of the community. Understanding and combatting discrimination is explored through PSME, form periods, assemblies, The Equipped to Serve programme and in lessons. House assemblies which are planned and delivered by House Captains teach Christian values of respect, support and promote the value of everyones’ contributions. Curriculum subjects explore concepts such as racial inequality and poverty and injustice, migration, refugees and asylum and are reinforced through projects , assemblies, visiting speakers and visits . Examples include: the work of International Justice Mission, Pen pals with Yazidi refugees, visiting speakers from Asylum link, visits to Alghazali Centre, Romania trip, Netherlands exchange, Liverpool Community Spirit. We expect our pupils to be able to listen to others and evaluate opinions, to be curious and explore beliefs and backgrounds that are different to their own. We encourage children to help and care for others by their actions and words.


We are an overtly Christian school with a Biblical worldview that has attracted an ethnically diverse community who share this outlook and seek to raise their children in this context. We support and uphold the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs and help our pupils to be reflective and to consolidate their own beliefs and faith heritage whilst respecting the faiths and values of others, even when different from their own.


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