Our Curriculum

Responsibility for the CFS curriculum owned by a team of teachers and governors headed up by the Headteacher and Curriculum Governor:


Curriculum Development Responsibilities


Following Christ and his teachings leads us to a particular view of the world. This in turn shapes the curriculum.

  • Geography and Science are transformed as we honour the Creator. We explore His intricate design and purpose for each inter-related aspect of creation.
  • History makes sense in acknowledging God's plans and timely interventions.
  • Expressive Arts and Technology come to life in the context of God's instructions to love others, build community and care for creation.
  • Personal development, sense of worth and motivation spring from understanding people as uniquely made in God's image and loved by Him.


In such a curriculum, spiritual development is a natural part. There are also clear reference points for moral choices and character development. The realities of life's dilemmas and problems are faced squarely within a biblical framework.

Every curriculum will convey the life values of the people who design it. CFS is clearly Christ centred. This unambiguous perspective gives young people a meaningful basis from which to compare and understand the many other views and consequent lifestyles presented to them.


They are enabled to make sense of their own choices and commitments.

Subject Categories may be delivered in a more connected way for younger age groups.


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