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Finding Identity through Christ Year 4 to Year 8

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Middle School

Our Middle School plays a vital role in helping our children develop a strong identity and instil a practice of Christ-centred thinking. The school provides children with a space to explore and discover in bright and inspiring classrooms as well as well-equipped science laboratories, art and textile rooms, and an IT room.

Our curriculum

At this stage in a young person’s life, it is important to provide an understanding of the world around them with God at the centre, and an appreciation of what this might mean for them. As soon as they are able to read confidently, the Bible becomes a central part of our teaching — encouraging them to see their studies and personal development through God’s eyes in the light of Biblical truths. Children will begin to recognise and understand their God-given gifts and talents, and are encouraged to pursue those aspects that make them unique. Extended learning and challenge are available for high achievers to deepen their understanding of each subject and nurture them on their learning journey.


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What people say

"The school has an outward looking vision which engages and supports the local community as well as projects overseas. It is a happy school grounded in the love of God."

- Parent

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