Lower School

At this early stage of children's learning we want to preserve the natural joy of childhood experiences, affirming the unique worth of each individual and knowledge of God's character e.g. as a loving Father-Creator. 


We prioritise: 

  • The nurture of relationships, thankfulness, curiosity, creativity, imagination, conscience, a love of truth, beauty and diversity. 
  • Play and first hand experience e.g. exploring and caring for the environment, the joy of discovery, and expressing prayer and praise to God. 
  • The development of foundational learning skills e.g. speaking, listening, observation, numeracy, memorising, reading, writing singing, crafts, movement. 
  • Knowledge about creation within topics which captivate a child's interest e.g. the life of bees, how we breathe. 
  • Appreciation of community: ways to contribute to family and school life, family histories, people who help us, contact with friends in China, Bhutan, Andaman and Africa, helping other people e.g. Operation Christmas Child. 


Christian Fellowship School Contacts

Christian Fellowship School

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