Home Schooling: Bulletin 5

We trust that many have been able to have a restful and Christ-filled Easter break, though no doubt many critical workers have been very busy. As a staff we continue to hold up the whole community before the Lord for health, provision and much grace in these days.


We return to Home Schooling on Tuesday 21st April (Monday the 20th is a staff inset day). Lower School families will receive emails with work and resources, and a few will have these posted out if they have indicated that they do not have a printer at home. Years 4-10 will recommence with Google Classroom as before. We trust that we will find an appropriate pace and rhythm that is age appropriate, stimulating, and fits into the sometimes pressured family routines.


As a school we subscribe to ParentZone and offer the paper version of this publication to families in the school at regular intervals. The digital version of the latest ParentZone edition is now available and we are passing it on to you, click HERE for a summary with links to the online articles. The ParentZone website contains a wealth of information about child-friendly websites as well as advice about different social media platforms/apps that you and your family may be using.  We have generally found ParentZone articles useful and informative, but as a school we do not necessarily endorse the recommendations and judgements in the articles, as they may not necessarily be in line with a Christian worldview. 


We advise you as parents to exercise your own judgement about the suitability of any recommendations and to continue to actively monitor and review any websites, YouTube videos, TedTalks, games, etc. that your children are engaging with. We would also remind you that Lower and Middle School age children would be better protected from harmful content by using YouTube Kids to watch videos and Swiggle for searching.  


Finally, as we resume home-schooling next week, we trust that parents will make the most of the Christ-centred resources that teachers are providing and that you are able to continue to help your children and young people to discern online, and now also television, content which is soon to be provided.


We will continue to keep you updated regularly.


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