Life transformation at CFS

Its now 16 years since I finished GCSEs at CFS and I realise it would not be the person I am and I would not be where I am without the amazing foundation I was given in this amazing school. After completing A-Levels at St Hilda's CofE School I went on to study Occupational Therapy at the University of Liverpool, work as a personal care assistant with a family who had a child with cerebral palsy for 2 years and finally end up following God's call on my life in 2011 to move to Uganda to work with children with special needs. 


From being a shy child who had difficulty communicating, to living in Uganda and volunteering as International Coordinator for an NGO and managing an Inclusive Kindergarten and Primary School seems like an impossibility, but with God all things are possible. CFS gave me a strong foundation in Christ and taught me that no matter where life leads me God has always got me in the palm of His hand. CFS gave me a safe space to explore myself and who I was in Christ and without that foundation I could have easily found myself lost in a host of challenges that come along with being a missionary. 


God used CFS to shape me, and He used the values they taught me to mould, develop and keep me as I moved further afield. The support they have given us in developing a Christian education curriculum since being in Uganda has been priceless and the effects of such a family setting in a school reach way farther than the point of leaving after exams and into the future development of other children 4000 miles away.


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