Extending half-term...

We are writing to inform you of an important decision that was made earlier this afternoon during the staff INSET, concerning extending our half-term break by a second week. The decision was then approved by the governors. This means that school will be closed to all pupils for two weeks, and reopen on Monday 9th November. 

We would have preferred to have provided parents with more notice and had the opportunity to put in place some supportive measures over a few days. But the necessity of the plan only became clear to the leadership team late this morning due to a rapid change in circumstances, as a number of people in the school community tested positive for COVID-19. No children or staff are affected at present, it’s limited to other family members - we are praying that the Lord will sustain those affected and restore them quickly back to full health. 

So, we feel that it is quite possible for there to be much wider infection rates including pupils and staff, especially if we take no action. After taking further advice, we have decided on this proactive self-imposed 2 week “circuit breaker” (taking advantage of the timing of half-term), in the hope that it will limit the spread and transmission of the virus from family to family across the school. This is a decision we have made as a school at this time for the safety of our community, and is not an expectation of Public Health. 

We recognise that this may cause some inconvenience and complications for families who are at work, but hope that you are able make suitable arrangements so that your child(ren) can stay at home and be under supervision. We are planning to provide some work for pupils for the second week, in a similar way to the home-learning programme during lockdown. Please look out for details that will be emailed next week. 

We are very grateful that we have not had any enforced closures to date, especially as most other schools in Liverpool have had at least one bubble closure. We sincerely hope and pray that by having this full 14 day break, we will interrupt the spread of the virus now, and avoid more disruption in the long run. For this to have its full impact, please adhere to the Tier 3 measures, in particular not meeting with other households at all indoors, and only very carefully in outdoor public spaces.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in these challenging times.

Many thanks

Graham Sharples, Principal
Richard Worsley, Head Teacher
Will Sopwith, Chair of Governors


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