Lockdown: Bulletin 10

We are writing to give you an update about plans for partial reopening for the remainder of the term.

As Liverpool schools continue to weigh up whether they are in a position to consider a reopening for Years R, 1 and 6, we decided to consult with Keyworker families and also with families who have children on our additional support register (ALPS) to see if there was some demand for school for these children. As a result, we have decided to offer places to a limited number of pupils from Monday 8th June (9am to 2pm), according to guidance from the Department for Education, and these children will be accommodated in two distinct and separate ‘bubbles’. The Lower School bubble will essentially function as one unit, with extra measures for cleaning throughout the day. They will follow the same curriculum as the rest of Lower School at home. The Hall bubble will consist of Middle School children who will also follow the online curriculum for their classes, but will have some additional support from specific staff. They too will function as one unit, but additionally will be expected to maintain social distancing and will work at their individual workstations.

We would now like to consider whether it might be possible to offer Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 the opportunity to come to school from the 29th of June for the last three weeks of term. In practice we would then have two Middle School bubbles, with the second one in the music room made up of some Year 6 children. There would also be a second and separate Lower School bubble for Reception and Year 1 children. The Lower School bubbles would have their own teachers, but Year 6 would be split across the hall and the music room bubbles and would have various Middle school teachers, whilst following the same online curriculum, as before. The two Middle School bubbles children and staff will not mix with one another even at break times which will be staggered.  We hope to use the outside space a good deal as this is considered the best context for limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.

These year groups have been stipulated by the government and we have not had any freedom to choose different year classes even though we are Year R to 11 through-school. The advantage of coming to school for children in these classes would be primarily to offer them a social opportunity and a school context for learning. However, as described already, the shape and feel of the school experience will be rather different, especially for Year 6. If we were to go ahead, we could accommodate most but not all the children in these classes, and therefore we would like to know if there is much interest in the parent body so that we can proceed with a careful plan and risk assessment. Attendance is entirely optional and the home learning curriculum would continue for these classes as for the rest of the school.

If you have children in these classes, please could you email ks@cfschool.org.uk by 10th June and let us know if you would be interested to have a place for your child/children. It would be good additionally to let your class rep know as well. For Year 6 children in particular, please take time to talk and pray about this together, especially explaining social distancing and that even break time will look different to what they are used to. We do not expect to extend opening beyond these year groups, except for some specific sessions for year 10s under a Gazebo shelter on the school grounds. These will be organised separately through Mrs Boulton.

In deciding  whether we can offer this second partial reopening to Years R, 1 and 6,  the governors and myself will need to carefully consider a number of different factors including maintaining a good standard of home learning input across all the year groups. 

I would like to  thank all families for your ongoing engagement with us and trust that we can continue to support you in your particular situations. Let us continue to press in to the Lord  and His faithfulness.


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