Lockdown: Bulletin 8

The government provided guidance on Monday about how pupils in years R, 1 and 6 might begin to return to school from the beginning of June. The school’s leadership team have reviewed in great detail the risks and viability of a return to school and have explored the plans that would be necessary to achieve this with the governors. We have agreed with Mr Worsley that in light of local Merseyside infection levels and local government guidance, that the balance of risks and benefits don’t support a return to school; so, for now we will not be reopening school.  

Whilst we recognise that the risk to children is low, the problems associated with trying to maintain social distancing for very young children and their teachers are such that we cannot manage the risk of cross-infections that would affect our wider community. As we communicated in our email at the end of last week, as a school, on balance we are seeing a high level of engagement in learning from the pupils that is well above the national average, and this reassures us that delaying a return to school is the right thing to do.

There is much discussion at national and local government levels about the small steps that should be put in place to return to school, and the associated ways to mitigate risks. That said, the creativity that is possible within the CFS community to make our own unique small steps need to reflect who we are and what is important to us. Whilst we keep a close eye on the national and local government thinking, at some point next week we would like to be in a position to provide further details of the next steps that CFS will take to start the journey of returning to school. Amongst other things, we are exploring options for families requiring help to receive specific academic and pastoral support and encouragement.


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