Lockdown: Bulletin 9

We are writing with a short update about the possibility of school reopening in June. As you may be aware, a number of schools in Liverpool are looking at opening for a limited number of pupils in June, and the date is likely to be later than some other schools nationally.

At CFS a decision has been made to consider offering places to children of Keyworker families, and also to pupils on our ALPS (Additional Learning and Pastoral Support) register. We have therefore emailed a number of families last Thursday to see if they would be interested in taking up this option. According to government guidance, we would run two 'bubbles' of up to 15 children. There would be a Lower School Bubble and a Hall Bubble held in the hall. Only the ground floor of the school would be in use; the two groups would be entirely independent of each other, and their teachers themselves would not mix. Pupils would largely follow the home learning curriculum set for their own classes, with Middle School using computers set up in the hall. 

We have not heard back from all the families that we emailed yet, but according to the feedback so far, we believe that we do have enough interest to go ahead with this partial reopening on 8th June for these specific children. If you received the email last week and have not yet responded, please read and respond as soon as possible so we can firm up our numbers. If you are a Keyworker family and would like to be considered for this option but did not receive the email on 21st May, please contact ks@cfschool.org.uk ASAP, as you may have been missed from the original list of Keyworker families.

We plan to update you further in early June on whether we are able to consider any reopening to years R, 1 and 6 during this summer term.


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