Staying Home When You Have COVID 19 Symptoms

We trust that for those of you whose children are currently onsite, that they are enjoying their time in the school environment.


In this update we would like to highlight the importance of NOT sending children to school if they have symptoms of COVID 19. In other words, if they have a temperature, a new cough, loss of sense of taste or smell . We must all be vigilant and not allow any possible infections into school if we are aware of them.


If as a parent, if you have symptoms, please DO NOT drive your children to school.


All parents, pupils and teachers (and all members of the public) are now expected to book a test if they have these symptoms and self-isolate immediately.


Please follow the guidance here:


COVID 19 guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection


If you or anyone in your household needs to have a test, please phone or email school to let us know that a test has been requested. Please also let us know the result of the test when you have it. Public Health England will let us know what we should do at school through Test and Trace, however it would be helpful to be forewarned by parents first.


If your child has a heavy cold, a runny nose or generally feels under the weather, we would also recommend that he/she does not come into school as we would like to minimise the spread of any infection as much as possible.


Please let us know of your child's absence by email or phone. There is usually someone in the office but if there is no answer and you cannot ring back, please email on by 9.30am.


Please avoid coming into the school office except by prior arrangement as we try to minimise extra person-to-person contact as much as possible.


Thank you for all your support in this matter both practically and in prayer. We will be sending further updates and parent briefings regularly.


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